Scenarios To Use The Parry App

Scenarios to Use the Parry App - Get Parry

Women’s safety has become a more prevalent topic in recent years and while it’s great that there is more awareness around it, there still aren’t that many women’s safety devices out there. While we hate that something like Parry has to exist, we at least hope that Parry can help women feel more safe and comfortable in their daily life. When you know you have an easy excuse to leave by activating a fake phone call, and the option to alert their emergency contacts with their location for an added layer of safety you can breathe a little easier. Here are some scenarios we feel like Parry is great to use in/have on standby for:

-When you’re going out on a date and it’s going south (Tip: anytime you’re heading into a date, activate Parry’s 30 minute or 1 hour option so you’ll automatically receive the fake phone call within that time frame. This way you have an out already in place if you need it!)

-When you’re stuck talking with a co-worker during office hours or at a work event

-When you’re just trying to have a girl’s night out

-When you’re at the gym and trying to workout unbothered

-When you’re on your commute and someone won’t stop talking to you

-When you’re out at a bar/club/restaurant and someone won’t take the hint that you aren’t interested

-When you’re at a party and can’t get out of a conversation 

-When you’re on walking on campus and you run into the guy who you’re not interested in 

Anytime they won’t take the hint.

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