Rejection Killings : Why Women Can’t “Just Say No”

As an app centered around women’s safety, here at Parry, we understand that saying “no” or “I’m not interested” are not necessarily responses women can safely rely on. Literally. Rejection killings refer to when women are met with violence because they have chosen to say no or they are not interested – the act ofContinue reading “Rejection Killings : Why Women Can’t “Just Say No””

Scenarios To Use The Parry App

Women’s safety has become a more prevalent topic in recent years and while it’s great that there is more awareness around it, there still aren’t that many women’s safety devices out there. While we hate that something like Parry has to exist, we at least hope that Parry can help women feel more safe andContinue reading “Scenarios To Use The Parry App”

5 Top Rated True Crime Books

What’s even creepier than psychological thriller books and true crime podcasts, you ask? Nonfiction true crime novels of course. While we love a good psychological thriller read and true crime podcast, there is something about a true crime novel that takes things to the next level. Maybe it’s the fact that we’re reading the realContinue reading “5 Top Rated True Crime Books”

7 Tips To Stay Safe On Dating Apps

Hi everyone! Claire here, founder of Parry. I feel like this topic is pretty relevant since dating apps have become so popular over the years. Fun fact – I actually met my husband, Stephen, on Hinge! And I’ll be honest, looking back I could have taken a few (read: a lot) more precautions when vettingContinue reading “7 Tips To Stay Safe On Dating Apps”