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Born from listening to way too many true crime podcasts & a dream to challenge the women’s safety space.


Our mission is to give young women the tools and support to feel secure in every situation. Period.

The definition of Parry is to ward off; to evade. We realize that the modern woman is constantly put in uncomfortable and potentially dangerous situations – which is why we created a brand dedicated to helping women parry those situations before they escalate.

From the annoying coworker who won’t leave you alone, to the date that’s getting too handsy at the bar – Parry always has your back, especially when they won’t take the hint.
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Parry provides a subtle way to get out of or avoid uncomfortable situations.

We understand that women are constantly put in uncomfortable and even potentially dangerous situations, which is why we are committed to helping them get out of those situations and feel secure before they escalate.
We are passionate about supporting and empowering women in finding ways to help them feel safer and more comfortable in their daily life. We believe the best way to establish safety is through support of others which is why we are a community driven brand.
We believe in order to protect ourselves, boundaries must be kept – which is why we do not take any BS from those invading or taking advantage of the boundaries we set.
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Hi everyone! Claire here, founder of Parry. As a woman, a daughter of two FBI agents, and as someone who is true crime obsessed, I am always hyperaware of my surroundings and looking over my shoulder..who can relate?! But really, unfortunately as women especially, we live in a world where we have to constantly think about our safety. Whether we’re feeling unsafe walking to our car at night, uncomfortable on a date, or having our personal space invaded when out- it’s a constant struggle, let’s be real. So, in effort to help us as women feel more secure and have a way to get out of these awkward and uncomfortable situations, Parry was born. We are a community driven brand with our mission to help you set boundaries and feel safer and more secure in your day to day. Here at Parry, we always have your back. Especially when they won’t take the hint.

Claire Guentz

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